24 juni Ukraine: Green Economic Recovery Forum

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Green Industrial Recovery Forum will be part of the Green Economic Recovery Platform.

The priority steps that Ukraine is obliged to take in the field of environment, given the movement towards the EU, and why it is important to shift the focus the production processes themselves despite the tragic challenges of today will be explained.

This will not only reduce the impact of pollution on the environment, but will also have a huge economic impact, as waste and pollution are essentially wasted resources.

How to reduce consumption of natural resources in the war and post-war period, greenhouse gases and other emissions and industrial waste in industrial processes?

Green economic recovery forum
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The forum aims to inform and advise businesses on increasing the capacity of industry for the green recovery, as well as intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations to expand and implement more efficient and cleaner production models through recycling, recovery and / or environmentally sound treatment and disposal of waste, wastewater and toxic and / or hazardous chemicals, as well as, in particular, for the sustainable use and management of water and other natural materials used in industrial processes.

“The ways for businesses to get ready operating in new conditions: eco-transformation, wartime and EU environmental requirements”

Representatives of business, government, managers of environmental departments, service companies and experts are invited to join the event

The programme:

Session 1. The future of industrial, food and environmental security: why these processes are inseparable

  • EU environmental directives: what homework is to be done by Ukraine?
  • Analysis of the current situation in Ukraine, main changes in the environmental legislation required by the implementation of the EU directives. What business should prepare for?
  • How to deal with political and regulatory issues that affect rapid green transformation?
  • How to optimize “human due diligence” to reduce conflicts, eliminate project risks and simplify the approval process
  • Industrial renewal and modernization: do not neglect the window of opportunity

Session 2. Investing in technology and innovation

  • What were the barriers of the pre-war period in the investment climate of Ukraine in terms of environment and climate and what has changed now
  • How can business attract investment
  • How to apply for the international grants for green modernization and green economic recovery

Panel discussion. Decarbonization and low-carbon technologies. What is relevant for Ukraine in 2022 and what will be relevant in the strategic perspective

Session 3. Component-wise environmental management

  • The best available management technologies and methods
  • Resource efficient production: international cases
  • The ways to build the capacity of the industrial sector to increase water productivity, reuse and recycling. Wastewater treatment
  • The ways to phase out the production and consumption of ozone-depleting substances (ODS)
  • About minefield fencing in Ukraine: what’s next?
  • Industrial waste: the ways to turn problems into benefits

Session 4. Energy-efficient economy

  • Energy modernization of industry: international experience that Ukraine can use
  • Sources of money for energy efficiency projects
  • What has been changed in the field of energy saving and energy efficiency by the war
  • Sustainable energy solutions to increase the productivity and climate resilience of sectors
  • On the implementation of industry standards for energy efficiency, smart grids based on renewable energy and renewable energy for industrial applications

Please REGISTER to participate.

Information support: 0 800 214 899

To register please contact  Hanna, +38099 370 42 27, sales@ecolog-ua.com

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