30 november Webinar Japan meets Foodvalley – Future Food Tech

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Learn more about the innovations and technologies for the future.

Get inspired by smart entrepreneurs who collaborate with top-class research institutes, startups to develop new smart agriculture solutions.

Sign up for 'Japan meets Foodvalley - Future Food Tech on Monday November 30th at 10:00 

During the webinar, organised by Oost-NL, WUR, Kubota, Oneplanet and Dujat, you will e-meet the main players of this unique agtech ecosystem

Wageningen University and Research, The Dutch Embassy in Tokyo, One Planet Research Center, and the Japanese company Kubota.

This AGTECH Hour will inspire you and give you food for thought on:

  • The opportunities between Japan and the Netherlands
  • How your organization can benefit from the Foodvalley ecosystem

Contact: jurgen.sonneborn@oostnl.nl OR belqis.askaryar@oostnl.nl