21 januari Saudi International Flower & Garden Expo

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Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

In January 2020 the first edition of the Saudi International Flower & Garden Exhibition will be held in Riyadh, a trade fair targetting florists, gardeners, landscapers and other professionals and experts.

Dutch companies in the field of horticulture, landscaping, floriculture and gardening are welcome at Saudi International Flowers & Garden Expo (SIFG). SIFG welcomes all players in the field, such as retailers, distributors, designers, architects, investors, growers, etc. and aims to connect businesses and to broaden networks (www.sifgexpo.com). Check out the brochure of the expo here

The SIFG is supported by the Saudi Vision 2030 and the Green Riyadh Project, who announced the following projects worth 83bln Saudi Riyal (20bln EURO) to come up in Saudi Arabia in the coming years:

Green Riyadh Project

King Salman Park Project

The Sports Boulevard

Cultivation of 7.5 million trees.

35 KM of Tracks for running and bicycles

135 KM the length of  Sports Boulevard

545 KM of Green Areas

9,300,000 M2 of Gardens & open areas

3,500,000 M2 of Green areas

3330 Gardens

850,000 M2 for the royal golf area

120,000 Trees

43 Public Parks

600,000 M2 Offices area / 400,000 M2 Specialized Gardens.

60 Sports Sites

1,100 KM of Green Pelts

500,000 M2 Commercial area / 125,000 M2 Nurseries

220 KM of Bicycles Tracks

50,000 M2 Sport Areas / 12,000 M2 Residential area