25 oktober Bekendmaking Lily Ambassadeurs 2020

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Japan, Tokyo, Nederlandse Ambassade

Japan annually imports approximately 100 million lily bulbs from the Netherlands. For the Dutch flower bulb sector, Japan is one of the most important export markets. For Japan, the Netherlands is an important business partner, as some 80% of bulbs sold in Japan come from the Netherlands.

In 2018, Lily Promotion Japan (LPJ) launched a new campaign “Lily Ambassadors Project”. Through this campaign, all stakeholders of the lily segment, from Dutch bulb exporters, Japanese bulb imporers and growers, auctions, to wholesalers and distributors, will join forces in disseminating the appeal of Dutch lily bulbs via social media to boost the sales of Dutch lily bulbs and cut flowers in Japan.

Lily Ambassadors will be appointed following the recommendation of LPJ. Peter van der Vliet, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Japan will confer the accreditation certificates to 27 new Lily Ambassadors, during the unveiling ceremony at the Netherlands Embassy.  Upon accreditation on October 25, a total number of 100 Lily Ambassadors also from 2018 and 2019, join force to disseminate the charm of graceful lilies to Japanese consumers to boost sale.