21 augustus The National Biodigester Conference and Exhibition

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Nairobi, kenia

Pride Inn Hotel, Westlands, Nairobi - 21-22 August 2019

The Kenya Biogas Program, national implementing entity of the Africa Biogas Partnership Program in Kenya in collaboration with other partners namely: AgriProFocus, SNV, Hivos, Practical Action, Biogas Network, Clean cooking Association of Kenya and Equity bank will convene the 2019 National Biodigester Conference and Exhibition

This year’s theme is “Investing in Biodigester Technology for economic Transformation” and it will create a platform for all stakeholders to share and learn about the biodigester technology and potential applications of bioslurry to develop a pathway and strategy for market uptake.

Additionally, the conference will also highlight success factors in the biodigester technology/sector in Kenya; unravel the benefits of bioslurry; develop a roadmap towards a sustainable biodigester sector and strategies to position biogas as a key clean cooking technology.

The platform will increase visibility of biodigester technology and its benefits; promote sector linkages such as with input suppliers and financial institutions among others; and showcase innovations.