21 augustus The National Biodigester Conference and Exhibition

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Nairobi, kenia

Pride Inn Hotel, Westlands, Nairobi - 21-22 August 2019

The Kenya Biogas Program, national implementing entity of the Africa Biogas Partnership Program in Kenya in collaboration with other partners namely: AgriProFocus, SNV, Hivos, Practical Action, Biogas Network, Clean cooking Association of Kenya and Equity bank will convene the 2019 National Biodigester Conference and Exhibition

©The National Biodigester Conference and Exhibition

This year’s theme is “Investing in Biodigester Technology for economic Transformation” and it will create a platform for all stakeholders to share and learn about the biodigester technology and potential applications of bioslurry to develop a pathway and strategy for market uptake.

Additionally, the conference will also highlight success factors in the biodigester technology/sector in Kenya; unravel the benefits of bioslurry; develop a roadmap towards a sustainable biodigester sector and strategies to position biogas as a key clean cooking technology.

The platform will increase visibility of biodigester technology and its benefits; promote sector linkages such as with input suppliers and financial institutions among others; and showcase innovations.