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Reports and studies available for the Romanian market

The following reports/studies are available upon request at (free of charge): 1. Agri education 2018 2. Arable ...

Rapport | 19-06-2018

Brief overview of the Kazakh poultry sector

In general, Kazakhstan’s poultry industry has witnessed a steady growth in recent years. Today Kazakhstan is self-sufficient in ...

Publicatie | 19-06-2018

Roadtrip PIB biobased energy in Ukraine

In 5 days the Partners International Business Biobased Energy Ukraine visited three cities in Ukraine to share their knowledge, ...

Publicatie | 17-06-2018

Circular Economy in Ukraine - by Roman Puchko

The concept of Circular Economy confidently gains popularity over last years. However, whereas in the EU countries or cities ...

Publicatie | 17-06-2018

Newsletter IFTEX Expo & Fresh Produce Africa 2018

Nieuwsbrief | 13-06-2018

Circulaire landbouw in Spanje

Video | 13-06-2018

Учасники торгової міссії до Тернополя

Ми раді представити Вам учасників Нідерландської торгової місії до Тернополя 25-26 червня 2018 року

Publicatie | 13-06-2018

Ternopil Region - Business and Investment Information

For your attention here we present business and investment information of Ternopil Region. You can contact the companies directly ...

Publicatie | 13-06-2018

Informatieve websites

Publicatie | 12-06-2018

Two agricultural heavyweights: the European Union and United States in comparative perspective

This brief compares and contrasts U.S. and EU farming and trade along a number of dimensions. It describes the key similarities ...

Rapport | 12-06-2018