Webinar with Amsterdam's deputy mayor Marieke van Doorninck

Webinar: Amsterdam's Journey to a Circular City

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ReThink Team

Nearly 80% of GHG emissions and about 60-70% of waste comes from cities. They use almost 75% of all natural resources. Their size, importance, and impact on ecosystem will only grow in the future.

During our webinar with Marieke van Doorninck, Deputy Mayor of Amsterdam for Spatial Development and Sustainability, we talked about the practical experience of the City of Amsterdam in implementing circularity. No doubt, for the last years Amsterdam has gone far in developing its sustainable and circular future by 2050 with the help of Kate Raworth and her Doughnut model, efforts of powerful local NGOs like Circle Economy and Metabolic; but, most importantly, thanks to the political will, dedication and synergy within the city council and administration.

We've tried to cover:

- Why Doughnut concept and what does this mean?

- What were the biggest challenges to get this process started?

- Which projects are already going on and what's planned for the near future?

- How does the city cooperate in circular transformation process with the central government, businesses and NGOs?

It turned to be very energetic and inspiring session, full of useful examples and bright concepts. Enjoy!