Dunaivtsi dairy training

2021.02 - Dunaivtsi dairy training
©Ivan Pankiv, Lviv Agricultural Advisory Service

In the framework of cooperation between Dunaivtsi community in Khmelnytskyi region and the Office of the Agricultural Counsellor in Ukraine the working meeting with the owners of the family dairy farms and representatives of Lviv Agrarian Advisory Service Mr. Ivan pankiv and Mr. Mykhailo Vyshnivskyi was organized on 25 February 2021. 

The current situation and the prospects for future development of the dairy family farms has been discussed, the views on the situation have been exchanged between local authorities and non-governmental institutions on increasing the profitability of milk production on family farms. The issues of improving the functioning of the milk and dairy products market, providing other services and cooperation with local communitirs have been discussed.

Lviv Agrarian Advisory Service has great experience and long lasting relations with the Dutch dairy technologoes and businesses. Their support in the organization of the dairy cooperatives is valuable for guiding the local communities in planning their business activities.

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Prospects for the development of family dairy business in the Dunaevets community 02/24/2021

One of the important prerequisites for the creation of family dairy farms is the availability of a basis for the sale of farm products at a reasonable price. After all, for Dunaivtsi City Council, the priority is the development of farming in the villages of the community.

Even today, it is not positive that farmers are forced to sell milk to dairy plants at a price of 6 hryvnias per liter, while buyers in the city pay 20 hryvnias per one and a half liters of milk, buying it on the market. For a compromise solution and a mutually beneficial ratio of supply and demand of the dairy market in the community, a round table was organized on "Sales of farm dairy products in retail outlets in the city."

This working meeting was organized by representatives of Dunaivtsi City Council: Mykola Ostrovsky, Iryna Kadyuk, Tetyana Pantilimonova, with representatives of local entrepreneurship and newly formed farms of the community, who seek to engage in dairy business in the region. The meeting was attended by the  representatives of the Lviv Advisory Service, which provides advice to small farmers on the development of family dairy business, with support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine and representatives of the project "World of Communities".

 Mr. Ivan Pankiv - Director of BO LAES,  shared his experience with the audience on family dairy business in Lviv region, presented a project on prospects for dairy farming, introduction of new technologies, market search, including the installation of Vending machines for milk, on the safety and veterinary support of dairy farming, the formation of fodder base and development of pastures, the need to create service cooperatives that should provide farmers with regulatory, veterinary and other assistance.

Ways to increase the profitability of family dairy farms were discussed, because the purpose of the meeting was to promote the spread of dairy business in each village of our community. Therefore, the meeting was full of working atmosphere with discussions in which not only farmers were interested, but also representatives of the community council of entrepreneurs, fiscal authorities, because the new family dairy farms are not only quality products and raw materials, but also new jobs, filling local budget, attractive community investment climate and rural development.

The meeting ended on a positive note - a proposal from the project "World of Communities" to create a single dairy cluster based on Dunaivtsi OTG. This will be a showcase for the other communities in Ukraine. A group of economists and leading specialists in the development of the model of successful management of family dairy farms from the Ukrmilkinvest group will work in the community. This event will be preceded by a business tour organized by the Lviv Advisory Service for farmers and entrepreneurs of our city who are interested in promoting this social program in the western regions of Ukraine to existing, successful dairy farms and places to sell their products. This trip will be organized with the financial support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine. Working meeting of February 24, was productive and helped to develop new perspectives for the development of our community, especially since the potential and diligence of Ukrainian people is admirable.