Agenda of Dutch businesses in Ukraine: SDG 13 - Climate action


8000 trees have been planted by the Dutch companies in Ukraine in order to implement Global Sustainable Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Sharing a healthy future for Ukraine

We are proud to support this initiative of 🥒🌶🍅Rijk Zwaan Ukraine together with 🍪☕ Unilever Ukraine and ✈️🛫KLM Ukraine

And this is the new record in Ukraine:

Watch the video about tree planting 2019

Tree planting RijkZwaan 2

This initiative is aimed at protection of the environment and joining efforts 🤝for healthier future. We believe it marks the beginning of a good tradition among Dutch businesses in Ukraine.

Tree planting RijkZwaan_forest

Dutch companies are in TOP of the most innovative companies on the global level and most of these innovations are aimed on sustainable production and healthier future.

We are already seeing more and more businesses in the food chain offering sustainable products or services, or making extra efforts in other ways to meet the demands of society.

Trees planting RijkZwaan 4

The Dutch Government and Dutch business worldwide work together towards realization of Sustainable Development Goals and Climate agenda

Consumers also have a role to play in circular economy / agriculture. It is important that they know that production has a major impact on our living environment.

Healthy living is not about individual healthy life style. Healthy living is about ensuring healthy environment and healthy future.