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2018 Grow in Ukraine
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The agriculture of Ukraine is an important economic factor that largely determines socio-economic development, ensures food security of the country and forms about 18% of the gross domestic product. Modern Ukraine is a significant player in the global food security system. The agro- industrial complex of Ukraine, increasing actively production of food products and agrarian export. The foreign trade turnover of  agricultural products in 2017 reached $22.6 billion with Export totaled almost $18 billion.Recently, we have prepared the Agriculture and Food Export Strategy that is aimed at development of the export potential of Ukraine through the prism of world expectations and with respect to specific demand of each country.The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine is fully commi‡ed to the development and guaranteeing of favorable conditions for the export of high quality agricultural products. From this perspective, we issued an export portfolio that includes a number of agricultural and food products that Ukraine offers to you.Ukraine is open to the world market and international partnerships.Feel free to discover Ukrainian export and find out how we can help your business!

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