Good Food Video - Dutch Cuisine

"Good Food" is our first video experience presenting Dutch Cuisine in Ukraine. We combined the Dutch recipes with the healthy and quality products, produced in Ukraine in a sustainable way with the help of the Dutch technologies. This Good Food was cooked by Carolien Spaans, Agricultural Counsellor of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine together with Helen Gribova, journalist of TV Channel 5.
We hope you will like this video and will try these recipes.
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For the participation in this project we would like to thank / За участь в проекті ми вдячні:  Агріко Україна, Бейо Україна, Enza Zaden Ukraine, Galicia Greenery, Голландська Пекарня, HZPC Ukraine / ЕйчЗетПіСі Україна, Kischenzi Agriculture / Молокія, Rijk Zwaan Ukraine, Rosetta Agro and Zeelandia Ukraine.

Duration: 20 min. Link for video:

Good Food
©NL Embassy in Ukraine
Rosetta Agro
©NL Embassy in Ukraine
Asparagus from Rosetta Agro
Enza Zaden Ukraine
©NL EMbassy in Ukraine
Pepper from Enza Zaden Ukraine
©NL Embassy in Ukraine
Potatoes from Agrico and HZPC
©NL Embassy in Ukraine
Bread and brownies from Zeelandia Ukraine and Dutch Bakery 21.3
Agrico - HZPC
©NL Embassy in Ukraine
Carrots and onions from Bejo Ukraine
Galicia Greenery and RijkZwaan
©NL Embassy in Ukraine
Lettuce from RijkZwaan Ukraine grown in Galicia Greenery