Workshop by TrendsActive: Trends that influence Agrifood industry

The agricultural industry has meaningful and challenging responsibility, and that is to feed the 9 billion people who will be living on our planet in 2050. Working towards this aim we must be aware of societal trends that drive new expectations and create new opportunities for the industry. We have invited TrendsActive to present their insights on sociocultural trends, which are the changing values, needs, and behaviours of people, as well as shifts in society overall.

Trends Active took part in three events:

14th International Conference «Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine-2017. Success in Unity»

Presentation: Global trends in the fruit and vegetable sector: What does a new generation of consumers expect from fruit and vegetable growers? Aljan de Boer, Strategy & KeyNote Speaker at TrendsActive, the Netherlands

IX International conference «Doing Agribusiness in Ukraine»

Presentation: Consumer trends that affect the agricultural business.

Workshop at the Embassy

Workshop: Three important sociocultural trends for the agricultural industry. 

About Trends Active

Trends Active: "We are a strategic-creative agency, using human insights and trends to helps organizations to stay relevant. As a strategic partner, we help organizations understand the behavior, needs and values of today’s consumers. As a creative partner, we translate trends into opportunities for tomorrow.

Our trends provide context to the ever changing, complex world. We research long-term trends, based on insights derived from multidisciplinary studies from human sciences such as sociology, psychology, anthropology and media studies. We distinguish three major socio-cultural trends: gender trends, generation trends and societal trends. They form the foundation of our human-centric approach on marketing and innovation.  

We believe human insights are the starting point to develop relevant innovations, persuasive marketing, meaningful brands and engaging communication and design. Working with trends allows us to offer a variety of products, ranging from keynote presentations to complete innovation services."

Aljan de Boer – MSc, Brand Strategist & KeyNote Speaker

Working in the fields of advertising, consultancy and education, makes Aljan de Boer an interdisciplinary strategist. Following his passion for trends and brands, he works at TrendsActive where he helps clients to bridge the gap between strategy, research and design. He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from the Erasmus University, works as a guest lecturer in marketing and has been working for international brands in B2C, B2B and Non-Profit. Moreover, he is a board member of the Dutch Platform of Innovative Marketing. As a professional speaker, Aljan de Boer is a highly awarded and inspiring presenter.

Tracy Cheung - PhD, Lead Trend Insights Researcher

Humans are complicated.  Tracy has always been fascinated by human behaviour and this curiosity has her to pursue academic studies in psychology. Recently, she graduated with a doctoral degree in psychology from Utrecht University in the Netherlands, where her research focused on behavioral economics and the promotion of healthy eating.  Currently, Tracy works as the lead trend researcher at TrendsActive where she continues to uncover human insights that explain the changing sociocultural trends in contemporary society.  Moreover, besides building knowledge and understanding, Tracy is driven by an enthusiasm to bridge theory and practice by translating human insights into actionable opportunities and strategies for brands and businesses. 

Trends Active