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Highlights Agroberichten Buitenland week 3, 2023

Highlights Agroberichten Buitenland is de wekelijkse nieuwsbrief van het Landbouwattachénetwerk. U wordt iedere week geattendeerd op nieuws, activiteiten en achtergrondinformatie van 60 landbouwteams actief in 80 landen. Via de link onderaan kunt u collega's attenderen om zich ook te abonneren.

- Hungary: 21 universities to be cut off from Erasmus+ and Horizon fund

The news portal Né reported on Monday that new projects at the universities currently run by public trust foundations in Hungary will not be able to receive funds from the EU-backed Erasmus+ and Horizon education exchange and science funding framework programs.

Hungary: 21 universities to be cut off from Erasmus+ and Horizon funds

Beeld: ©Fred Romero

- Romania: EC approved EUR 14.9 bln plan for agriculture and rural development

The European Commission (EC) approved the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Strategic Plans of Romania and Bulgaria last month. The two plans represent a total EU budget of EUR 20.5 bln, with EUR 5.6 bln for Bulgaria and EUR 14.9 bln for Romania.

EC approved Romania's EUR 14.9 bln plan for agriculture and rural development

- Romania: ranking fourth In the EU by wheat crop in 2022

With a crop of 9.18 million tons of wheat harvested from 2.1 million hectares Romania placed fourth in the European Union (EU) in 2022, data from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, showed on 2 December 2023.

Eurostat: Romania ranks fourth In the EU by wheat crop in 2022

Golden ears of wheat.
Beeld: ©AgriLife Today

- Serbia: rural tourism is booming

In Serbia, the number of registered farms engaged in rural tourism increased by 40% in 2022. Currently, more than 700 businesses of this type are registered in the E-tourist system. 

Rural tourism is booming in Serbia

Serbian countryside
Beeld: ©Valentin Salja

- Spain: investment funds are the new landowners of Spanish agriculture

From asphalt to farmland. Large investors have set their sights on the Spanish countryside, an alternative asset to the traditional brick. Farming offers a high return in relation to risk, allows diversification of portfolios, is an umbrella against inflation and far from the shocks of the financial markets.

Investment funds are the new landowners of Spanish agriculture


- Ukraine : impact of the war on agriculture and rural livelihoods

The war in Ukraine has severely affected livelihoods and households’ access to basic services and needs. This alarming humanitarian situation has led the government and other partners to initiate assistance activities mainly in the areas along the front-line oblasts.

Impact of the war on agriculture and rural livelihoods in Ukraine

EU Ukraine
Beeld: © /

- Ukraine: flower bulbs for schools

The project is a charitable action by the Ukrainian company in collaboration with the Association of flower bulbs manufacturers of The Netherlands and Ukraine.

Flower bulbs for Ukrainian Schools

Peter Tonenchuk from Flower4Schools

MIDDLE EAST - Egypt: cancelling L/C's requirement, a possible step to ease import restrictions

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) announced last December the cancelling the letter of credit (L/C) system as a requirement for imports. With this measure, Egypt hopes to reduce trade barriers and restore its image as an attractive destination for foreign investors.

Egypt: Canceling L/Cs requirement; a possible step to ease import restrictions

CBE image

- Egypt: further delays for ISEG Halal certification

Last year the Egyptian government announced that ISEG Halal would be the only competent authority recognized by the Egyptian government to issue halal certificates for all food products and factories. All imported food products were announced to be halal certified by ISEG Halal in order to enter Egypt.

Egypt: Further delays for ISEG Halal certification


- Iraq: Netherlands Pavilion at 5th Agro-Pack Fair in Erbil

The Consulate General of the Netherlands and its Agriculture Team organized a Netherlands Pavilion at the international agricultural fair of Iraq from 22 to 25 November 2022. 

Netherlands Pavilion at 5th Agro-Pack Fair in Erbil, Iraq

Group picture of the Consulate staff and participating Dutch Companies during Agro-Pack Fair 2022

AFRICA - South Africa: a 2022 recap and 2023 trends in agricultural sector

A recap of 2022 demonstrates the success of South Africa’s agriculture sector in the year. Exceptional growth in the agriculture sector in 2020 and 2021 could blind us to the positive results of the 2022 year.

A 2022 recap and 2023 trends in South Africa's agricultural sector

South Africa's agricultural sector
Beeld: ©Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

- South Africa: energy crisis puts pressure on the nation’s food security

In the last year, South Africa’s energy crisis has reached an unprecedented level, surpassing 200 days of loadshedding (planned, rolling power cuts) for the first time.  Loadshedding places a significant burden on farmers and will affect South Africa’s food security in the long-term if solutions are not found.

South Africa’s energy crisis puts pressure on the nation’s food security

Loadshedding affects South Africa's food security
Beeld: ©Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0

AMERICAS - Colombia: trade dynamics of maize, soybean and wheat in the Americas

Maize, soybeans, and wheat remain essential inputs for the agribusiness sector, especially thanks to their protein content used mainly for animal feed. However, the problem for countries like Colombia, Ecuador or Peru lies in their import needs, especially as a protein source for poultry and pig feed, of which these countries are massive consumers.

Trade dynamics of maize, soybean, and wheat in the Americas: Supply falls short of a steady demand

Cereals import
Beeld: ©LAN ANDES / Agrolatam

ASIA - Taiwan: fysieke handelsmissie cold chain

Bent u actief in de cold chain-sector? En benieuwd naar zakelijke kansen in Taiwan? Meld u dan aan voor de fysieke handelsmissie naar Taiwan, van 27 tot en met 31 maart 2023. Tijdens deze handelsmissie kunt u uw netwerk verbreden en marktkansen ontdekken. Aanmelden kan tot 27 februari.

Handelsmissie cold chain naar Taiwan

Fresh wholesale market in Taipei
Beeld: ©NLOT


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