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Highlights Agroberichten Buitenland week 23, 2022

Highlights Agroberichten Buitenland is de wekelijkse nieuwsbrief van het Landbouwattachénetwerk. U wordt iedere week geattendeerd op nieuws, activiteiten en achtergrondinformatie van 60 landbouwteams actief in 80 landen.

Sustainable aquaculture & livestock farming: global challenges, glocal solutions

We eat more meat and fish than ever. This is partly a result of population growth, but economic development also plays an important role. Animal protein consumption is growing fastest in low and middle-income countries, where incomes and expenditure on food are climbing correspondingly. How can we ensure that people around the world can still continue to eat meat and fish, without exceeding the carrying capacity of the planet?

Sustainable aquaculture & livestock farming: global challenges, glocal solutions

Artist impression Floating Farm
Beeld: ©Floating Farm / Floating Farm

OESO neemt Nederlandse AKIS-systeem na zeven jaar wederom onder de loep

De Organisatie voor Economische Samenwerking en Ontwikkeling (OESO) heeft in 2015 het Nederlandse Agrarische Kennis- en Innovatiesysteem (AKIS-systeem) doorgelicht. Deze Nederlandse casestudie is een van de vele doorlichtingen van landbouw kennis- en innovatiesystemen in OESO-landen en OESO-partnerlanden.

OESO neemt Nederlandse AKIS-systeem na zeven jaar wederom onder de loep

EUROPA - Spain: plant-based products drive innovation in the food industry

Consumption data and industry progress in this category make it the niche with the greatest growth potential in the coming years in Spain. In 2021, meat analogues and vegetable beverages were at the forefront of this positive development.

Spain: Plant-based products drive innovation in the food industry

Proteínas II

- Ukraine: flowering Lilies in 100 communities

Lilies as symbol of peace, victory and freedom were planted on  the flowerbeds of 100 communities throughout Ukraine by residents and the refugees who found their shelter in these hospitable villages and towns.

Ukraine: Flowering Lilies in 100 communities

- VK: Britten na tour enthousiast over agritech samenwerking met Nederland

Op het gebied van innovaties en duurzaamheid in land- en tuinbouw zijn er talrijke mogelijkheden voor Nederlandse agrofood bedrijven en kennisinstellingen om nauwer te gaan samenwerken met partners in het Verenigd Koninkrijk. Dat is de conclusie na een bezoek van een delegatie van de Britse agri-techsector aan Nederland, eind mei.

Britten na tour enthousiast over agritech-samenwerking met Nederland

Bezoek World Horti Center

- Romania: financing for both farmland afforestation and windbreaks

Financing allotted through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) for the afforestation of agricultural land measure will be granted both for new forests as well as for windbreaks, Environment Minister Tanczos Barna said, on Wednesday, at a debate in the Committee for Environment and Ecological Balance of the Chamber of Deputies.

Romania: Financing for both farmland afforestation and windbreaks through NRRP PNRR

- Hungary: government to tax corporate “extra profit”

Shortly after Viktor Orbán has formed the fourth successive Fidesz-KDNP government since 2010, the Prime Minister has announced last Wednesday that extra tax burdens would soon be placed on targeted sectors.

The Hungarian government to tax corporate “extra profit”

AZIË - South Korea: meet our agricultural advisor Hojin Kang

South-Korea is a high-tech society. In a few decades, the country became the worldwide nr. 10 with a gross domestic product of $40.000 per person. Despite this, the agricultural sector is still underdeveloped. Dutch companies and knowledge institutions play an increasing role in developing the agricultural infrastructure, says Hojin Kang, agricultural advisor at the Netherlands embassy in Seoul.

'The role of the Netherlands in South-Korea is gaining importance'

Hojin Kang

AFRIKA - Ghana: roles, trends and challenges of neglected and underutilized species

Scientists estimate that there are more than 400,000 species of plants on earth, at least half of which are edible for humans. And yet we consume just a tiny fraction of that, about 200 plant species. Moreover, just three crops (maize, rice, and wheat) account for more than half of the calories and proteins that humans get from plants.

Roles, Trends and Challenges of Neglected and Underutilized Species in Ghana

- Ivoorkust: handelsmissie duurzame landbouw en deelname SARA 2022

Bent u actief in duurzame landbouw? En bent u benieuwd naar uw marktkansen in Ivoorkust en West-Afrika? Kom dan van 25 tot en met 29 november mee met onze handelsmissie naar Abidjan. Tijdens deze missie neemt u ook deel aan de SARA-beurs, de belangrijkste agribeurs in West-Afrika.

Handelsmissie duurzame landbouw Ivoorkust en deelname SARA 2022 25 t/m 29 november 2022

- West-Afrika: Say West Africa, Say Cocoa

Cocoa is the biggest trade flow between The Netherlands and West Africa. Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana together account for 65% of global cocoa production with 95% of cocoa exports going to the EU. The fast majority of that through Amsterdam. In March the agricultural team West Africa together with colleagues from The Hague took a deep dive into the sector to inform current and future interventions.

Say West Africa, Say Cocoa

- Nigeria: agriculture and agribusiness needs $200 Billion

Access to finance, or rather the lack thereof, is widely recognized as one of the limiting factors to (West) Africa’s much needed agricultural development. The agriculture team West-Africa commissioned a study to assess the current financial ecosystem of agricultural financing in Nigeria.

Agriculture and Agribusiness in Nigeria Needs $200 Billion

AMERIKA - Mexico: AMHPAC holds XIV Annual Congress 24-26 August 2022

Each year AMHPAC’s Annual Congress is a very important event for everyone that is active in the Mexican protected horticulture sector. The event has a commercial area where sponsors of AMHPAC (suppliers for the sector) have a stand, a conference program, and many opportunities to network with high-level representatives of Mexican production companies.

Mexico’s protected horticulture association (AMHPAC) holds XIV Annual Congress end of August

Beeld: ©AMHPAC