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Smart Farm Innovation Valley designated in Gimje and Sangju, South Korea


Nieuwsbericht | 15-08-2018 | 09:59

Danish Ingleby becomes 4th largest farmland owner in Romania

Danish group Ingleby climbed one spot to the fourth place in the ranking of biggest farmland owners in Romania, after taking over ...

Nieuwsbericht | 15-08-2018 | 09:13

Progress in Cuban agriculture

Cuba is an eminently agricultural country, which is on its way to becoming a developed nation, the main obstacle being the ...

Nieuwsbericht | 14-08-2018 | 22:04

Supporting Integrated Pest Management in Kenya

The Pesticide Management Initiative in the East African Region (PEAR-Kenya) supports Integrated Pest Management (IPM), food ...

Nieuwsbericht | 14-08-2018 | 16:03

Sustainable Blue Economy Conference, November 2018

The Sustainable Blue Economy Conference is the first global conference on the Blue Economy, hosted by the Kenyan Goverment

Nieuwsbericht | 14-08-2018 | 14:57

Tanzania: Call for innovative ideas!

Submit your climate project in Tanzania! Do you have an idea for climate mitigation or adaptation in Tanzania that has the ...

Nieuwsbericht | 14-08-2018 | 14:15

Spain: Half of food spend takes place out-of-home

The consumption of food and beverages out-of-home (OOH) makes up half of the Spaniards total food spending, according to the last ...

Nieuwsbericht | 14-08-2018 | 12:00

Vietnam Agriculture - Weekly Summary (6 - 12 August 2018)

A weekly summary of agriculture development and production in Vietnam by VietLinh online.

Nieuwsbericht | 14-08-2018 | 06:58

Cuban Chocolate Industry Has a Promising Future

The chocolate industry has a promising future in Cuba, based on the driving strategy of cocoa production and the strength ...

Nieuwsbericht | 13-08-2018 | 23:11

Cuba seeks to increase exports of non-conventional agricultural products

Cuba seeks to increase exports of non-conventional agricultural products like honey, charcoal, coffee and pine resin to various ...

Nieuwsbericht | 13-08-2018 | 22:19