Holland House Mexico to organize Dutch Pavilion at Expo ANTAD 2023

From 7 to 9 March 2023 Holland House Mexico (HHM) will organize a Dutch Pavilion at Expo ANTAD, Mexico’s most important trade show for the food retail and hospitality sector.

Beeld: ©Expo ANTAD

ANTAD is Mexico’s retail association. Its members account for more than half of Mexico's total retail sales. The organization comprises 46,350 stores that represent more than 21.415 million square meters of retail space.

From 7 to 9 March 2023, its next annual trade show will take place in Guadalajara, this year in collaboration with Köln Messe from Germany. At the show, Holland House Mexico will organize a Dutch pavilion for the second year in a row. Dutch food companies interested in the Mexican retail or hospitality market, are invited to participate.

The food industry in Mexico has been growing for many years. The growing middle class has led to a higher standard of living in the country, hence an increased demand for high-quality, gourmet, innovative, healthy, and organic food products. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated existing trends, paved the way for delivery and e-commerce and increased the demand for products that contribute to a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet, such as organic, plant-based, and low-sugar products.

Dutch companies interested in participating in the Dutch pavilion organized by Holland House Mexico, please contact Florencia Cantu at florencia@hollandhousemexico.com