Fruits export looks promising for Myanmar

Myanmar aims to intensify the productivity and to diversify the export markets in the coming year. The drafting of a new Myanmar Economic Recovery and Reform Plan (MERRP) is underway.  For the agriculture sector, Myanmar targets to develop more high quality agriculture, livestock and fisheries products, to invest in value-added food industries and whereby to increase the exports. Locally produced fresh fruit and vegetable sector is listed as one of the priority export sectors to be focused on in future. 

Fresh fruits

According to the Myanmar Melon Producers and Exporters Association, the country will start trial shipment of watermelons in December, 2020 for the first time to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Other shipment of fruits (mangoes, pineapples) to UAE will follow. In addition, Myanmar expects potential new markets in countries  such as Dubai, Qatar and Singapore.  The opportunity looks also promising for locally produced avocados. Last month, Myanmar made its first trial export of avocados to the UK. It was successful and as a result Myanmar is now preparing to export more to the UK and wants also to expand its export to EU countries like Germany and Italy. 

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the agriculture sector remains strong and as a whole contributes 22% of the overall Myanmar export sectors for this year.  Fruits and vegetables are reportedly on the list of key export products. The sector however has been hit hard significantly due to the trade flow restrictions, the tightening of security between Myanmar and China borders.