New HPAI outbreaks in Poland

On 31st December 2019 Polish CVO informed about the first outbreak of avian influenza in Poland. Additionally, on 31st December 2019 the positive results were obtained also on two contact farms associated with the outbreak no. 2019/1 of HPAI the H5N8 subtype, therefore secondary outbreaks of this disease have been confirmed.

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We wrote about the first outbreake here.

All 3 farms where the outbreaks were noted are located in the Uścimów commune, in the Lubartów district, in the Lubelskie province [east of Poland – see map below]. 9,500 turkeys were kept at the farm designated as outbreak 2019/2. 20,600 turkeys were kept at the farm designated as outbreak 2019/3. Veterinary services have implemented all control procedures provided for in the event of highly pathogenic avian influenza in poultry.

The protection and surveillance zones

have been determined within a radius of at least 10 km around the outbreaks, including:

  • the protection zone with a radius of at least 3 km around an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza covering the following locations in the Uścimów commune in the Lubartów district: Stary Uścimów, Nowy Uścimów, Drozdówka, Głębokie, Maśluchy, and Orzechów Kolonia;
  • the surveillance zone in the Lubartów, Łęczyński and Parczewski districts with a radius of at least 7 km outside the protection zone, including:
    • in the Lubartowski district in the commune of Uścimów in the following villages: Krasne, Nowa Jedlanka, Ochoża, Rudka Starościańska, Stara Jedlanka,
    • in the Lubartowski district in the commune of Ostrów Lubelski in the villages: Ostrów Lubelski, Bójki, Jamy, Kolechowice, Kolechowice Folwark, Kolechowice Kolonia, Rozkopaczew, Rudka Kijańska,
    • in the Łęczyński district in the Ludwin commune: Dratów Kolonia, Jagodno, Krzczeń, Piaseczno, Rogóźno, Rozłuć Drugie,
    • in the Parczewski district in the commune of Sosnowica: Stary Orzechów, Nowy Orzechów, Lejno, Komarówka, Zienki, Górki, Sosnowica, Libiszów,
    • in the Parczewski district the commune of Dębowa Kłoda, Białka.

The Polish press informs additionally on the fourth outbreak in poultry farm in Lubelskie province.

Fourth outbreak

The first three farms kept around 42,000 turkeys. As reported by press the next - fourth - outbreak of avian influenza was detected on a farm that breeds about 13,000 guinea fowl in the commune of Uścimów in the Lubelskie province, near the first three outbreaks.

Fifth outbreak

Additionally, on 3 January 2020 test results from the national reference laboratory for avian influenza were received, confirming the occurrence of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) of the H5N8 subtype on a farm keeping laying hens, located in the commune of Przygodzice, in the Ostrów district, in the Wielkopolskie province [west of Poland – see map below].

HPAI outbreask in Poland in 2020


The Chief Veterinary Officer reminded all poultry farmers of the need to exercise extreme caution and appropriate biosecurity measures when handling poultry, minimizing the risk of transmitting avian influenza virus to the farm. In particular, the following biosecurity measures should be implemented:

    - secure buildings in which poultry are kept against access of wild animals, including wild birds;
    - secure feed and water source against access of wild birds;
    - do not feed or water the poultry outside livestock buildings;
    - use protective clothing and footwear on the farm intended solely for handling poultry;
    - use disinfecting mats at the entrances to buildings where poultry are kept.

In addition, the Chief Veterinary Officer reminds that in accordance with applicable law, breeders should report to the appropriate persons and institutions (private practice veterinarian, district veterinary officer, commune head / mayor / city president) of any suspicion of an infectious disease in poultry.

Source: Polish Veterinary Service, Agropolska