Another round of Codex courses in Minsk, Belarus

Marie Ange Delen, Codex Alimentarius Coordinator, gave another round of Codex courses on 4 and 5 February 2019. This time in Minsk, capital of Belarus. She did this again as part of the team of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan succeeded the Netherlands as coordinator of the European region in the worldwide Codex Alimentarius organisation. Codex sets standards on food safety and fair trade.

Meeting of Kazakhstan team with Belarus on Codex Alimentarius participation.

Kazakh initiative

Kazakhstan as Regional Coordinator took the initiative to convince non-EU countries in the large European region, to become more active in Codex Alimentarius. Kazakhstan makes sure to meet with and high-level policymakers and with people working with and interested in Codex Alimentarius. Before Belarus, this Kazakh team with a Dutch member last year visited Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan with similar programmes. These countries are, like Belarus, in the process of accessing the World Trade Organisation, WTO. The impressive amount of existing worldwide standards and guidelines already negotiated in Codex Alimentarius are the basis for access to WTO. So the Kazakh initiative is very timely and welcomed.

Codex issues

The Kazakh team with a Dutch member, was received at the Scientific Practical Centre of Hygiene and by the deputy minister of Health (and Chief State Sanitarian), H.E. Natalia Zhukova. The event brought together Belorussian policymakers and scientists, all involved, currently or in the future, in Codex issues.

Marie-Ange with Assem Smagulova, translator

Marie-Ange Delen gave presentations on 'Why is Codex important for food safety?' and on the European Union and Codex. Kazakhs presented on the role of a Codex Contact Point, on the structure, workings and history of Codex and on the role of some specific Codex committees.

At the end of two days the Kazakh team with a Dutch member revisited the deputy minister and it was agreed between Belarus parties to strengthen the Belarus Codex structure, and to appoint an extra, dedicated Codex person.

In the middle Kazakh CCEURO coordinator Nailya Karsybekova, to her left Jekaterina Fedorenko, deputy director of the Scientific Practical Centre of Hygiene