The Spanish industry presents a plan to improve the food and beverages' composition

The sector organization Fiab and the Ministry of Health have signed a collaboration agreement to reduce the added sugars, salt and saturated fats in some 3,500 products.


The so-called Collaboration Plan for Improving the Composition of Food and Beverages 2017-2020 includes the reformulation of more than 3,500 products which contribute 44.5% of the average shopping basket's total daily energy.

It is a voluntary commitment, with 180 specific measures, signed by more than 500 companies and 20 sectoral organizations. Other sectors, such as the retail, horeca, vending machines and schools and hospitals have joined the industry's initiative.

Reformulating these thousands of items, removing the prohibited ingredients, without adding other substances and without losing flavor, will entail a significant investment.

The food and beverages sector is the first industrial one in Spain, with a turnover of €96 billion and exports of €27 billion.

Source: El Mundo